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How To Transfer Everything From Old Computer To New Computer Windows 10 Or Windows 11

But the problem lies when you have to transfer music from iTunes to Android or vice versa. Good thing there’s an application that can do just that. As the name implies, this app from both AppStore and Google Play lets you transfer your music from your Iphone to any Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and more. With its easy to use feature, you can now listen to your favorite songs without being tied down to only one device. The best news is, you don’t have to re-download music again. All you have to do is sync them using iTunes to Android Transfer app in Google Play.

Simply navigate on the opposite viewing pane to a device internal storage directory (e.g., /sdcard/documents/), then return to the app manager. I purchased an app via Google’s play store about a year and half ago. Basically, I got a new phone, transferred data from my old phone to the new one. The app I’m referring to is there but as the « free version » without unlocked features. A new window will come up and you will be able to see the content that is contained in the backup file.

WatchOS 9: The Best Apple Watch Features Coming This Fall

And you can also transfer files from iOS to Android phone, including contacts, text messages, books , music, videos, photos and more. The app will ask you what you wish to transfer from your Android to iPhone. Simply select the messages option from here and start the transfer. Simply tap on the “Upload” button and start moving your data from your Android to iPhone after that.

  • Select the apps you want to transfer, and click the “Transfer” button at the right bottom.
  • It’s worth noting, sadly, WhatsApp users still can’t transfer messages from iOS to Android, and you’ll also have to manually sign into a lot of the apps like Facebook and Instagram.
  • The developer does not collect any data from this app.

I first had to re-install the USB copy my data apk drivers for the phone and then the phone shows up my no folders. You will get a message this folder is empty when double clicking on the phone. I think this is another totally different trouble. The steps I sum make you able to copy or manage documents, or folders, on the cellphone from your computer.

I haven’t tried uploading yet, but that seems to be just as easy, one click. It has more space than the average user will need. The backup took about 3 hours, but it backed up everything. Effortlessly recover, transfer, and manage your phone data.

Top 8 Samsung Smart Switch Alternatives For Samsung Or Other Phone Data Transfer

The following information will let you know about wireless or wired transfers, transfers via iCloud, or transfers using an external storage device. Be sure to follow the podcast to make sure you don’t miss any episodes. As you work on your new Mac, you may find that certain files are missing. For this reason you should absolutely not delete your old backup, and especially the ~/Library folder. You may need to go back into that folder and copy some other files to the new Mac.

Why Use Bluetooth Transfer Instead Of A Method Like USB?

Our articles have been read over 150 million times since we launched in 2008. Once the content has been sent, the image on your screen will go back to its normal size. Next, go to the Smart Switch interface on the old phone and select Cable. Click Accept on the old phone when you see the Accept the invitation to connect prompt from the new phone. Like your photos and music in the previous sections, copy all the relevant documents to a folder on your PC or Mac. Click on Sync, and once the transfer is complete, disconnect your iPhone.

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